Welcome to Harmonix!

Harmonix is a voice studio serving students from ages 6 through 18. We provide private voice lessons, music classes, and choirs.

Music classes are geared for students beginning their journey into vocal performance to help them learn the basics of rhythm, reading music, styles of music, and singing.

Choirs are arranged by skill and experience (not necessarily by age). Harmonix Choirs are intended for students that want to sing with a choir and don’t already have a place to do so, or are looking for other performance opportunities. We sing a variety of music from traditional to sacred to pop and most everything in between.

Private lessons are available for all students, but primarily are used by late elementary through high school singers.

Harmonix Choirs was originally created in 2019 as a means of allowing our homeschooled daughters an opportunity to sing in a choir and have performance opportunities with a choir. Along our homeschool journey, we learned of other homeschooled students that were interested in a choir experience, too. Deron Evers was already an established voice lesson teacher, had taught student church choirs, and was a Music Director for a local theatre. Adding choir classes fit right in with his experience.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the recommendations that singers should not be singing in the same space, Harmonix has gone to a virtual class structure for Fall 2020. As we love to be together singing, this is not our ideal way to gather, but we care deeply for our students and their families and wish to keep everyone healthy until it is safe for us to return to gathering.

The best news is that with our meetings being virtual and many other students also being at home for the Fall, our classes are now available to even more students!